Bircher. Electrical molding list with termination, Supplied with resistance (1K2 / 8K2), diode or wire at both ends
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24 VAC, for DIN rail. Gelbau resistance control, 24VAC, for DIN rail mounting, with screw terminals
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L = 2500 mm, 6 m cable. Electric emergency stop list for safetyedge  on BS60 fire protection doors, type Gelbau (Dalmatic)
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Type CR10B-15. Photocell for BS60 fire door, type Conquest
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Incl. amplifier PCB. Complete photocell system for fire door. Includes photocell amplifier, rubber mounting block for mounting on the front of the fire door. Amplifier print is with screw terminals for photocells and 6-pin connector for the Dalmatic BP2000. Type Conquest
Suitable on Dalmatic BP2000. Interface module for electric sensor strips for use in safetyedge on doors, type Gelbau (Dalmatic), 6-pin connector suitable for Dalmatic PB2000 Fire door control. Fits 1K2 / 8K2 and diode termination
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