JE30, with photocell, without Gelba. Gear motor including Dalmatic BP2000 fire door control, JE30 Voltage module, with photocells, without Gelbau electric sensor strip module
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Gear 40:1. Angle gear for fire doors. Exchange 40: 1, Type 6 LJ
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IEC standard motor for fire control. Motor, 0.37kW, 1400 rpm, with small B14 mounting flange
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Including bearing for shaft, Ø70 mm. Wire wheels for spring tensioner on BS60 doors, Ø 70 mm, including bearing
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Semi-automatic motor that automatically opens the fire door and holds it in the open position.
In case of closing/fire/power failure, the motor and the door's weights are released and ensure that the door closes.
Motor is equipped with integrated brake, so closing speed can be controlled from start to finish.
Together with the motor, suspension brackets, pulley and brackets for the door are supplied, all brackets suitable for the Ball-tik rail.

The following must be ordered separately:
Control: E8
Belt drive: 20 mm toothed belt
(if motor is to be mounted on e.g. (e.g. fire door from Meverin, bracket must be ordered separately)

Technical data:
Type: Dictamat 3700-21
*Motor force: 300N
Opening speed adjustable: 0.10 - 0.25 m/sec
Closing speed adjustable: 0.08 - 0.2 m/sec
Pull: belt pull
Supply from Control: 24 VDC
IP class: IP 44
Motor weight: 12 kg
Integrated encoder: Yes
Door weight (requires the door to run light) up to: 700 kg
Maximum door width: 7000 mm
Recommended openings per day: 100
*for larger doors, control can be fitted with gear to increase force on motor to 500 N
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