"50 g. Glue, SICOMET 77, suitable for gluing corks in bottom rubber.

Sicomet 77 is a fast curing (instant) adhesive based on Ethyl
2-cyanoacrylate with a high viscosity. Due to the high viscosity is
Sicomet 77 suitable for production based joining of elastomer and metal as well as porous or absorbent materials such as wood and cork. The product can be used up to 80 ° C operating temperature and in the short term add up to 100 ° C."
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Turbo Tack 291 is a neutral moisture curing construction adhesive , solvent-free and phthalates. Forming a powerful yet elastic joint that can record any movements between building elements.
For fastening of floor seal. Remember primer
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Primer 961 is a specially developed primer ensures MS polymer .Polyurethan (PU ) and silicone based sealants improved adhesion on porous surfaces and on metals such as copper and brass .
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