sed for fire rated sealing around e.g. windows, doors, lightweight partitions, floors and ceilings. For certain joint constructions, joints constructed with Fire Guard MS 567 can achieve the fire classification EI 120 min.
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Drip-free high-pressure lubrication is specially developed for lubrication of movable door parts where great demands are placed on durability such as springs, hinges,  rollers, etc. Provides good penetration when spraying. High resistance to chemicals, salt, wind and weather.
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"Field of application
Lubrication of components exposed to high pressure and vibration, such as coupling connections, throttle connections, gas connections, hinges, door bolts, gears, gears, spindles, back plates, etc.

- Free of acid, resin and silicone.

Processing instructions
Shake the can before use
Remove dirt, spray the product on the cleaned surface and allow it to evaporate
After use, turn the can upside down and spray to empty

This product is suitable for slow-moving chains on e.g. trucks, heavily loaded bearings and moving parts with large mechanical influences. Furthermore, it is suitable for items that are exposed to wind and weather e.g. closing brackets on semi-trailers.

- Longer maintenance interval
  - Good lubricating properties reduce friction and wear
  - High polymer, synthetic, long-lasting lubricant
  - Very good adhesion and resistance to high pressure
- Ensures thorough lubrication
  - Very good shrinkage properties
- Effective corrosion protection"

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For care, impregnation and protection of rubber and plastic parts such as sealings and dashboards as well as for lubrication between metal and plastic. New plastic looks newer longer. Dry rubber seals regain flexibility.
15pcs / pc.
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"Field of application
Used due to its color for repair and surface protection of stainless and acid-resistant items - e.g. tankers, vessels, etc. Can be used before welding

Processing instructions
The surface must be clean, dry and free of oil
Remove loose rust and paint before work

- Resistant to water, salt and weather
- Durable and petrol resistant
- Can be used for spot welding
- Adheres well to all metals"
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"Weight for contents: 400 g
Min./max. temperature conditions: -30 to 130 ° C
Resin Free: Yes
Silicone-free: Yes
Acid-free: Yes
AOX-free: Yes
Without heavy metals: Yes
Chlorine: No"
"High quality, odorless, tested sealant suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications that require expansion joints.
Emicode EC1 +
Long shelf life
Adheres to most surfaces without primer
Not corrosive to metals
Can be used on basic substrates such as concrete, mortar and fiber cement
Almost odorless
High degree of stability
Extremely weather resistant
Sold individually or in 24 pcs. pck."

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