Color Restore kit for doors.
Color Restore restores the color and makes the surface strong, water, dirt and UV resistant.

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"Antibacterial cleaning and degreasing cloths, removes paint, silicone, glue, grease, etc.

DiaWipes are formulated to remove paint, silicone, acrylic, glue, polyurethanes, foams, inks, greases and oils on surfaces and have been tested by an independent laboratory in accordance with BSEN 1276: 1997 and BSEN 12054: 1995 (standards for removing bacteria on surfaces and hands.)

Diawipes is a trademark of Diatom A/S.

DiaWipes are very gentle on the hands. The product contains i.a. Lanolin and vitamin E, which protect against dryness and cracks in the skin of the hands, and it is not necessary to wash hands after use.

DiaWipe degreasing cloths can be used directly on the hands, on tools and on surfaces in general.

Bucket with hand-cleaned napkins, contents in bucket 100 napkins"
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"Silicone-free release agent has an antistatic effect and is used in countless work functions in industry. Prevents adhesion of almost all types of adhesives and resins. Release agent for all types of woodworking machines, sawmills, etc. where silicone products are undesirable.

For the wood industry
Silicone-free, antistatic and friction-reducing
Counteracts rust and corrosion
Prevents sticking"
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Citrus Cleaner is based on citrus oil. The product effectively removes glue residue, resin, tar, grease, wax, oil, printing ink, marker pen stains, etc. Citrus Cleaner is ideal for dissolving and removing labels and stickers. It is effective on all surfaces. Citrus Cleaner does not corrode but can remove the gloss from certain types of paint. Citrus Cleaner is pH neutral.
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Contact Cleaner is a special fluid for cleaning electronic components and electrical systems. It can be used as a cleaning agent wherever dirt, oil, grease, dust, etc., weaken the connection between contact points. The product does not damage plastic materials, rubberised or painted surfaces. It does not change frequency or power ratings.
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Metal Cleaner is a powerful industrial-strength degreasing agent which quickly dissolves oil, wax, tar, grease, resin, silicone, etc. Metal Cleaner evaporates quickly, leaving a clean, dry surface. Effective corrosion inhibitor. It preserves steel’s natural structure.
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Rust Loosener is admixed with penetrating additives that, together with graphite, make the product ideal for loosening rusted screws, bolts, valves, machinery components, etc. Spray Rust Loosener on the item that requires treatment. Let it work for a few minutes before disassembling.
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